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New to the board- all advice appreciated

Lil Smurfette

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Good Morning Everyone:

Here it goes.................

Back in 2001 my credit scores were as follows; EQ-644, TU-620, and EX-601. Since then I made the biggest mistake ever, obtained two Providian cards, Crap 1, and a Jc Penney's. Everything one going great with the payments and all until I had to go out on Medical Leave with caused me to get behind on my payments.

I now have the following fico scores; EQ-528, TU-501, and EX-535 :(

Credit Information

3- Car Loans; paid in full, no lates.

4- Charge Offs

Department store - Charged off 08/02; CL $300, amt. due $477 will settle for $286 (report on credit paid as settlement).

Crap 1- Charged off 02/03; CL $200, amt due $700 will settle for $365 (claim it will show on credit report paid in full as agreed).

Visa - Charged off 04/03; CL $1800, amt due $2760 will settle for $1,500 if I pay in full or a down pymt of $250 with monthly payments until the $2761 is paid in full.

Master Card- CL $500, amt due $1350 have not been able to get in contact with anyone to setup pymt arrangements yet.

So there it is someone please help me out with clearing these things up. I am hoping to make some progress soon. If I do need to go ahead and settle I am prepared to do that. I am trying to get approved for a house but my credit score needs to be at least 560 or better to get the better interest rate.

P.S. Also I have this collection account for $100 that has been haunting me for 5 years now. I just typed up a DV letter is that the best route to go, if I want this off my credit.

Thank you all in advance for your help!!

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