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Question on calculating SOL in PA

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I am trying to figure out the SOL on an account, and I'm not sure how the following scenerio may affect the SOL calculation.

A company transfers funds into the account at (or post) charge off.

Example, final payment was made in January, six months later on charge-off, the company makes a transfer of funds into the account a few days after the charge-off date.

For calculating SOL is the final payment made January the date used to calculate the SOL, or can they use the transfer date as the final payment date.

Also, in trying to understand the SOL better (for another account) I am trying to understand the following part of the SOL law for PA.


A company filed against me earlier, and their case was d w/o prejudice because they didn't show up (they apparently sold the account before the hearing, and didn't cancel the hearing), does that mean that the company, or their successor now has a year (well one year from the hearing date).

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