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Anyone know what these mean?


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Received Consumer Copy of Residential Merged Credit Report today.

What does the following mean found under Reported?


BQ1[ind] individual yes?

What can I do to expedite removal of duplicate accounts on report?

Oldest tradeline on report dates back to 1988, should I remove it or let it stay?

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From what I can tell on the codes you see, that are representing which bureaus are contributing to each individual tradeline that you see.

BU1 = Bureau / TransUnion / Individual account

BX1 = Bureau / Experian / Individual account

BQ1 = Bureau / Equifax / Individual account

You should either see this in general at the top of the report showing the break down on the codes, or see these distributed through out the report behind each tradeline.

Mortgage reports really differ from one to the next.

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