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"ASSIGNED DEBT" disclousures on bills/debt????


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On the top debt validation board I read that is says unless your bill/contract specifically says that a bill/contract can be assigned you can request that the CA remove the bill from your CR. ... because you have no obligation with the CA!!!(..just want to mention that for the new members)

I'm reposting this to get comments from anybody. It seems that if a debt does not say "ASSIGNABLE" or something to that extend it can never be sent to a CA.

So It might help everyone if we get acquanted with the wording necessary to determine if a debt is ASSIGNABLE to a CA.

.... I have been looking at some of my UTILITY BILLS and cell phone bills, All I can see is "We may also take other action to collect unpaid bills". Is that enough to ASSIGN a bill???? Nothing on the GAS bill.

I'm asking for input from ANYONE!!!! What do your utility, cell phone, telephone bills say regarding assigning debts????

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