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CA sent letter acknowleging receipt of my letter

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I sent Evergreen Financial in Bothel WA registerd letter asking for validation about 3 weeks ago, yesterday I received a letter stating they have asked their client for validation and they will send me validation or remove tradeline. Do I wait for this validation from their client or once 30 days is up send them a follow-up letter? In addition, they placed the tradeline on my report not the OC. How do I get them to send proof they purchased this account?

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Well how long after finding out about this collection account did you take to send them validation of debt?

They technically have 30 days from recipt of the letter (of course give for mailing times). But this is usually within 30 days of you knowing of the accounts existance (their 1st communication with you).

After this point, the FDCPA does not say anything specific on how they are to treat you in this respect. Validation little loan time period after the 30 days have past from you being notified of the debts existance. You can check the link above and read more on this matter.

Sometimes; the time they have to accomplish these things can be taxed by other issues. But being if you are past the initial 30 days for having exercised your rights. In this case I think that it was considerate on their part to send you letter of their intentions to honor validating the debt.

Would not hurt to show a bit of good faith for them to complete this task at their speed in the matter. Being that they did concede deletion should they find the debt not to be yours. Maybe if after additional 30 days you give over another 15 days for good measure before writing them again to inquiry as to their progress in the matter.

As far as knowing if they purchased the debt, without the OC showing up on your credit report that is a hard one, but you might try asking them directly should you get the opportunity to communicate with them again.

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Evergreen Financial in Bothel, WA sent me a copy of some loan papers with my name typed. No signature in sight! Should I send them a certified letter explaining that I needed proof with my signature on it and if they cannot forward that to me to delete the entry on my report?

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A contract without your signature is about as worthless as toilet paper (unless you need to take a big dump).

The purpose of Debt Validation is to exercise your right granted to us by federal law to demand a CA to "prove" that a debt belongs to you. If they cannot provide the following:

• Copies of a signed contract or an instrument bearing my signature.

• Documentation verifying that I did in fact have an outstanding balance from this account.

• An explanation on how a calculation was made on what I purportedly owed.

• An explanation of the procedures used to inform me of such an outstanding balance.

If all this outfit has is a contract and no signature, then they don't have jack.

Continue sending your DV letters requesting that they fulfill the above demands.

And shoot off a letter to the CRAs with a copy of that crap that the CA sent you. State in that letter that the the CA has dimsally failed to prove that this debt belongs to you and here is your proof. And also state that it is a violation of federal law to report a trade line on your credit report where absolutely no proof exists that such a debt belongs to you.

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