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Voluntary REPO


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Shows on Credit Report: FRD MTR CR.. Repossession Date Reported 12-02 Last Activity 10/00 Opened 5/95 High Credit $XXX Bal 0.

This account was actually settled. I have the letter as confirmation as of 10/00 they accepted XXX in full for the account. This settlement will be recorded as such you are relieved of any other $$$ . The CRA will be notified and instructed to update to the appropriate status. Whom am I to contact & will it hurt score if deleted? If I get it to state paid repo is this better? I was gonna ask for PAID or SETTLED. Thanks for your input. Does the remark really matter in an old collection???

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Technically if you paid (settled) it should show redeemed / settled instead of repo.

Really hard to say if out right disputing as not yours and getting deletion will hurt or improve the scores. A lot depends on what your other established history is contained in the credit report. And how old this account is (especially if it is the oldest reporting you have). Sometimes the ones that are derogitory also end up being the ones helping your credit.

None the less, it still looks negative even if you get it updated, depends on what you are wanting to accomplish here - if you don't mind a clean slate (possible score drop) just to have a do over with no negative information. Or if you are just trying to update for an immediate need then go back later to try and remove (sometimes harder said then done).

If you have the letter and are fine with this for the time being; then all you need do is forward to the CRAs and request update to reflect redeemed (leave off settled - to see if they over look that part).

If you want deletion with new start then you would not forward the letter, but instead reference the account in a dispute saying not yours and wait 30 days to see what their investigation results in.

Some times even going the 2nd way; will end up in the 1st reference being accomplished. Hard to say - cause the CRAs will forward your dispute to the creditor to verify. Sometimes they mess up - not responding fast enough (for deletion) and other times, they realize their over site and report back the proper changes.

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We are trying to rfinance our home. It shows 10/2000 have an older report that shows w/o 1997.(with different $$) Opened 1995. Oldest tl in report. Do you think a goodwill letter asking The CA for paid would be possible? It is listed as Ford Mtr. Comp. on report but letter is from CA. Guess he pd them. This was long before we knew any difference.

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If you are going for the mortgage; call up the collection agency & request that they fax directly to the bank a letter confirming the matter to be paid! That way the bank has it, and you can also at the same time request them to mail you a letter confirming this account to be paid & also that they will be updating the CRAs on this matter.

Let them know there is a rush for mortgage and that this had been paid years ago - so it should not be to much out of the way requesting them to update by UDF (universal data form) or Bullseye (Experians - means of updating) this will allow changes to be made within a few days, so that the Bank can re-pull a new credit report should they require this before closing on the loan.

Other means also would be for you to fax confirmation letter to the CRAs directly yourself. Let them know this regards mortgage loan and has been long delayed in being updated that you need a rush on this matter, and request also that they update the bank once the corrections are made.


PO Box 2002

Allen TX 95013

972-390-1680 (not to sure on this one)


CSC Credit Services

PO Box 981223

El Paso TX 79998-1223

1-281-878-1974 Fax (this is just for if you are in midwest area - through affiliate) If so let me know will go hunt down Equifax direct number.


PO Box 1000

Chester PA 19022

1-610-546-4605 Fax

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