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ID Theft question/Another board???


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Hey group, glad to be back, with another NEW board....... (pute was down for almost a month--things have changed I see) got myself a question for someone to answer----friend has two kiddos (twins) their ex is taking out c-cards in their ssn's as well as checking accounts now she's gettin collection notices as well as overdraft and etc...fees attached. Told her to contact the police and let them know, in both states. NE advice on what to send to the cra's--these kids have 10 more years until they can screw up their own credit they don't need assistance yet--lol. What should I have her send--i.e. info to the cra's. I told her send a letter with the kids ssn's as well as copies of their birth certifs highlighting the dob's. and send the various companies the same info--since a minor can not enter a contract in their own name. Could this be a good legal matter? Let me know.... :lol:

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You are pretty close to the mark, the mother also has to send in her drivers license & some sort of proof of gardianship over the kids. It has to be witten request to the CRAs.

First though - she needs to call the police department and file a report & get a report number or copy of the police report - this needs to be included in her request to the CRAs.

Let them know she wants a fraud alert activated as well as a victim statement added to the credit reports (to add the victim statement - she needs to send in copy of her phone bill) they need to see her name and address as well as the number all on the bill so they know they have the right person.

With this they will add a statement to the sort that says "Please contact {insert her name} prior to extending credit, this is a minor child and not old enough to have credit of their own". This should fix him should he try again for sure!

Also request that the children are opted out from recieving junk mail for credit card offers at her address as well as the fathers address.

She should get a copy of the credit reports back from all 3 CRAs, go back to the police station and fill in all the blanks endering in all the account numbers & name of creditors showing up on the childrens credit reports.

Again get a copy of the police report or report number, call all of the companies listed on the credit report [ask them specifically for their fraud department's address] and forward dispute to them, including copy of police report and id theft affidavit.

Also duplicate her disputes to the CRAs forwarding updated police report or state that additional informaiton is entered in on the police report.

The creditors may send out additional requirements & paper work, to follow up with them. Be sure to read through there other posts in this section incase I have overlooked something which may be relevent to her case here. Will also find ID Theft Affidavit pdf file link in one of the other posts for her to use.

KEEP notes of all dates times and people spoken to, this is going to be a long process I am sorry to say, but if she does this right - she will have all the proof to press charges against him in court. Have her contact the local court house and speak with the states attorney on this matter, see what they recommend for the legal side to do from there!

Let me know if you have any additional questions or problems, that I might be able to help.

As she goes through this, there will come up additional directions to go and take care of, be sure to follow everything up, with everyone to cover all bases and hopefully get this cleared on the kids credit so it don't come back to hurt them latter.

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