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TU paid off my Sears account :)


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Man, with all the crap I've been documenting against TU re-aging 2 of my accounts, they manually updated these 2 accounts last Friday, and even paid off my Sears in 2/02. How sweet. At least that is what they are reporting as of 7/21

Now my question is, what should I do about this? I can't dispute as not paid off that would be stupid. I'm not close to getting all my ducks in a row for a lawsuit, still waiting on some paperwork from OC's.

Anything I can do to get them in a different violation than what I already have: I think these will be violations

re-aging 2 accounts 6 different times.

not deleting unverifiable accounts

not properly disputing with Furnisher of Information

splitting my file (not maintaining reasonable procedures to assure max accurate info)

C'mon, help me out with some more ammo...please.

I also need a good template for a lenghty ITS for a CRA...anybody have one to share? Of course I'll change it to suit me...Just need a little guidance. Should I list everything even quoting the FCRA or just a brief outline?

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