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Student Loan 120+ days past due...zero balance?


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Hi Folks,

I apologize for repeating a topic that I've seen here before. I have a problem. My EQ report shows four student loans (2 directly from the school and 2 from DOE). All of these loans were completely paid off in June 2002. (one by garnishment and one by lump sum payment).

Now, they both show a balance of zero, but 120+ days late. I don't understand this. Should I dispute as wrong status? The other thing that I'm concerned about is the DOLA. The true DOLA is June 2002. I don't want it to change to July 2003.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. My scores right now are 622, 661 and 667. I'm hoping to get a mortage together with my wife (>700 all three CRAs) in the next couple of months...so I'd like to boost these scores if I can.


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