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Validation to OC


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Sorry to be so needy but I cannot seem to find information on a sample letter to validate by an OC.

I have AT&T Automotive Services reporting several late payments on an installment dated from 03/97. (I am in Illinois) This is only in my TU file.

I know that the FDCPA does not apply to OC's but I seem to recall that the FCRA might apply.

As this may not even be my account and if it is it might not be accurate that I was ever late, how do I go about disputing this for both validation as mine and validation of information accuracy? Do I go right to the CRA?



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In this case you would proceed as ID Theft, contact creditor for their address for fradulent disputes.

You are quite a bit removed from the discovery date, but can give a try, this usually includes you filing a police report, activating fraud alert with the CRAs and following up with the nessasary contacts to follow through their investigation.

Hope this helps,

I am in Illinois also, we don't have a utility commission like other states, but there is a regulating body I will try to look up and post back (you will also want to follow up with them on your dispute as well).

Also we have an ID Theft section which you can look through that may be of further help to you,

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