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Relieved and Confused

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Two credit cards with same OC. Each with $13k balance. Both charged off in MAY. Account one sent to CA1. Account two sent to CA2.

June- CA1 sends collection letter. I reply with DV and limited C&D letter.

June- CA2 sends collection letter. I reply with DV and limited C&D letter.

July 7-OC sends complete account history for account two.

July 14- CA1 sends me %70 settlement letter for account one.

July 28- OC sends me copy of signed agreement for account two.

July 28- CA1 sends collection letter for account two.

July 29- I send CA1 DV and limited C&D letter.

Question..Does the signed agreement plus complete history=validation?

Question..Does CA1 have to validate the debt all over again?

Question..DO I have to worry about CA2 since CA1 is now assigned both?

Great board, Great people, Knowledge=Power

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Sorry, just re-read your story line there, so OC was just validating the debt for CA2 and not CA1?

So yes, you are on the right track to request DV again from CA1 since they have not responded to either debts 1 or 2, but are still trying to go forward with collection on these.

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So, I am on the right course by requesting validation from CA1 on account two. They have not replied at all to the first DV letter.

But I am concerned, that if CA1 is now "assigned" the debt, does CA2 have the right to continue collections? Is it possible for more than one CA to try and collect the same debt?

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