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What do i have so many problems


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Ok i'm back to square one --my husband and i need to get a mortage so that we can buy our house from the investors that own it. In talking with 3 different lenders we cannot seem to get a mortgage. I'm told from all three lenders that there are programs out there that we qualify for but they will not go any further in the process becasue of the following problems...in this order

1. collection accounts all must be paid off -not all the collection account are ours

2. Judgement for a foreclouser --althought oc is not on credit report the judgemetn is

3. no current credit on credit reports

4. 3 chpt 13 all dismissed we filed and then decided not to go thu with them.

I was told to pay off all collection account --althougt some of them are not ours and we have disputes lists. I was alos told that we need to ave current credit --a few years ago my husband and i got into a big mess and we cut up and closed our creidt cards while we were in bk and we said that we would never use them again. WE have paid our investor on time -and we have never been late or missed a payment with the following bills.

cable, phone, cell phones, electirc and gas, water, sewer, trash, taxes, car insurance, interent provider, vet bills, dr bills, etc....Why should we need to get a credit card? My husband is dead set against getting one.

When we buy something we pay cash for it or we simple donot buy it.

We buy used cars and pay cash for them.

Any idea what we can do? or Who to go to for help. We have until Septemember 31st or they will place the house up for sale. I really donot want to move as we have fixed up this home and we really love it here. We cannot go to family for help my husband's mom is on a fixed income as is my dad....

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There is such a thing as a "mortgage only" loan. It is best if you have either 12 months of canceled rent checks/mortgage payment checks.

If not, sometimes the lenders will go with a VOM (verificaton of mortgate/rent) from "property management" companies. I have accidently called " Louis Smith" Louis Smith Properties and gotten away with it.


P.S. Don't ever give up hope.

Keep working at it.

"illigetimi non carborundum"

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