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Experian Verification

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Filed a varification request on my 3 -ve items on Experian 2 weeks ago ( using typical letter template). Experian came back with a letter and copy of my credit report yesterady, saying that the cannot investigage since I didn't specify what's incurrate in the dispuate items.

Can they do that? I checked quite a few verifications template that you can easily find online, and none of thems seem to require the details, or the reasonings for the dispute/verification requests.

any comments ? Thanks in advanced.

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If you've ever disputed the accounts before, they are extreemely harsh on their definition of 'frivelous'.

Sometimes however, the CRAs send off the we're not going to investigate letters, but they still investigate. (I luckily have never gotten a written response like that, but I do most of my disputes over the phone. But they have refused to re-investigate one account before, until I demanded an OC verification.)

One tactic that I've seen some people do is wait the 35 days from the date they received the verification request, and send the "Second Notice" verification request.

Heck, the other day one of their operators said that I needed to get a court order to get a "procedural" request. They must have a slow court docket... ;)

Oh, one more thing... The explaination is as simple as the _ NOT MINE checkboxes that the CRAs have on their forms. Inaccurate dates, inaccurate account numbers, inaccurate balance, inaccurate payment history, etc.

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i got the same thing!!!

i am sending them a letter that says I DID NOT REQUEST AN INVESTIGATION!!!

with this bolded on the letter as well:

FCRA 611(a)(7) requires Credit Bureaus to supply a description of the procedure used to maintain accuracy of my credit report.

iii) a notice that, if requested by the consumer, a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information shall be provided to the consumer by the agency, including the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted in connection with such information and the telephone number of such furnisher, if reasonably available;

and if that doesn't work i will file a lawsuit for defamation...

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So ...what should I do?

1) wait till 35 days and send the Second Notice? Basically ignore their response letter saying that I'm not being specific enoguh in the original dispute request.


2) "cooperate" with them, and send another letter immdiately, stating why I want the dispute....

BTW, in my original dispute request, I said 'The listed item is completely inaccurate and incomplete......' Is this not enough ?

Thanks for the help.

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how is it innacurate and incomplete?

"not mine" is the best way to handle this. they have certain codes they go by, so you need to tell them "how to investigate this"

not mine,

wrong balance

never late...

some may disagree...

did they contact you at the end of the 30 days from the beginning of your dispute? i am assuming that you checked on line that they verified right?

so what is the time frame? when did you initially dispute?

when did you find that they were 'verified'?

when did you send pr request?

how would they 'verify' if they were unable to investigate?

did they contact you with a new report and the results?

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I send the request in mid-July, and receive the followings at the end of 2nd week (~16th days):

"We are responding to your request to verify information appearing on your presonal credit report. The items listed below could not be investigated because you did not tell us specifically why the information is inaccurate. Please send us detailed reasons why the informtaion is inacurrate, then we will be able to begin our verification process."

I did the dispute through mail, not online. Not sure they started the verification behind the scene or not, but my credit score from CreditExpert did not change over this preiod of time.

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Either of your two options can be justified.

If you send them a second letter before the end of the dispute time-frame, and they did begin an investigation based on the first letter, then they can add another 15 days to the time-frame allowed. That's one of the reasons why most people's posts that I've seen recommend waiting the 35 and then second noticing their original dispute.

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definitely, wait the 35 days... jam is extremely correct....

but i am confused about one thing... did you send a pr letter? maybe i deducted that on my own, i apologize....

furthermore, while you are waiting the 35 days... make sure you have old addreses and incorrect forms of your name deleted from your file...this may make verification more difficult in the future.

good luck. so after the 35 days, just dispute with more detail. you don't want to give them any extra time!

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I had the same problem first starting out using the old-old sites template--for the DW didn't really give reasons as to disputing the information--just please verify and delete. Most came off. Second round got rid of old addies and maiden name. Third round stated as not mine--due to a person of "a name that is close to mine, as I have a very common name". I also went online and printed out all names that were close to her's (about 10 pages worth) to dazzle them with "maybe the names did get screwed up?" She had 8 Collection Accounts and only has 1 listed now on EQ--but thats another story I hate them. lol I would definately get rid of old addresses and names first---then go at it with the verify and delete. Then verify and delete as these accounts "are not mine". But wait about 45 days before you start another cycle. Just my little 15 minutes of soapbox fame on the net--I'll finish now.

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