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Is this a good "Goodwill Letter"?


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I am writing with a question about the billing or payment at CSCU.

CSCU played a major role in establishing credit when at the time I had very little.

In review of my past history with you, I have always prided myself in paying my bills on time but unfortunately in early 2001 after relocating to another state, I was temporarily unemployed and incurred two late payments on my account. Upon finding gainful employment, I immediately paid my account in full. I certainly realize the importance of paying my bills on time and plead with you to please understand my situation and have mercy and remove these lates from my credit reports. I am working hard to build my credit history and Central Sunbelt Credit Union has been a great help to me. I have recommended your institution to others as well.

I greatly appreciate your consideration and understanding.



Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would appreciate a response within 5 business days.

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I am not a credit expert but this letter sounds great to me. I have a CC that just charged off 04/03, I'm wondering if a goodwill letter would help in getting the account reaged. I was on medical leave for seven months, but I'm back at work and ready to start making my monthly payments.

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You might want to throw in a personal/Family loss at time of lates along with the fact the lates are hindering you requests for obtaining a prime mortgage. I knoe it's naughty, but it feels so good when they fix them up for you! You can buy girl scout vookies next time around to make up for it to the big man!


Edubb007 :twisted:

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And I quote:

"CSCU appreciate your business. It is certainly our intention to do all we can to retain your loyalty as a customer.

CSCU reports credit history on every customer's account by

actual credit experience and the information reported must be factual

and objective. For this reason, we will not remove or alter credit

history, unless the history was incorrectly reported.

I researched your inquiry and determined the payment history is

accurate and will not be altered. If you feel you have a dispute with

the accuracy of the data entered on your credit report, please file a

written dispute with the agencies responsible for your credit report.

These agencies then research your claim and make any changes needed.

Thank you for writing.


Erin Williams"


"Hello Erin,

Thank your for responding so promptly to my request. I must say that I

was very disappointed in your rapid decision not to help a loyal customer. This certainly gives me a new perspective on how much CSCU

values my business.

As the creditor, you hold all the rights to report the debt to the

credit bureause as you see fit and you can change that listing at any

time as the source reporting the debt.

With less than seven payments left on my current obligation to you, I

will definitely be exploring other financing options on my next car



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You have option to request re-aging the account, asking that if certain circumstances can be met that they wipe out the derogitory lates.

A consumer can request this of any creditor, not all of them participate but worth asking. I know there are special conditions on this part - like only being able to ask this one time in a given period of time.

I know the old board credit repair section had a great post on this subject,

This second letter to me sounds a bit harsh, and I don't think you want to come off in a bad light with this individual. So you might research and try this other approach first.

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