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Talk about a love hate relationship! EQ is on my mind!!!


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Got 1/2 of my results back yesterday night from my personal onslaught of disputes! EQ won't even send me updating e-mails anymore! Lol!

Here's the results:


1) 1 auto TL w/ multiple 30 and 60 days late.I diputed the lates.

2) 4 INQ's within the last 6 mos, not mine of course :wink:

3) 1 Utility CA that was already verified but I thought it would be fun

to see what would happen!

4) 1 Auto TL reinsertion of 1 late 30days in 01'


1) First auto TL updated to never late from 96'! :p

2) 4 INQ's, blown out of the water! ByeBye! 8)

3) Dang utility CA won't unplug itself! :evil:

4) Last Auto TL hasn't come back yet! Up in 2 weeks....They are notorious

for no response Though! YIPEE! :lol:

Well...I've learned alot here and was even surprised to get a 12 point jump from that! Puts right in my mortgage range! Just need EX to jump above 620 and BAM! It's on. I save interest from the no doc we have already and put my name all over the mortgage! Yeah BabY! Thanks all...For everyones help so far!

EDubb007 8)

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