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Do Different States ONLY use Certain Bureau's?


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I heard something along the lines of Creditors using only a bureau's closest to were you live. Is this true?

For example i live in Pittsburgh, Pa and so far when i tried to apply for credit for 2 places they used TransUnion Figures...?

This is TransUnion Address

Trans Union

P.O. Box 390

Springfield, PA 19064....

does anyone know if this is true? Because im currently having problems with TransUnion not reporting credit that is DUE to me for a 3 year car lease while the other bureau's are! All TransUnion is seeing is my debt..and im getting rejected from them... crazy enough but true..

I'm in the middle of disbuting to all the CRA's Now...sucks...

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A subject I can comment on and all because I learned it from this site! :D

Apparently, a creditor may pull from different CRA's depending on your state. You can go to whopulledmycredit.com. It is under a yahoo group so if you have a yahoo address sign in and register. Either way registration is free. There is a database that has a huge list of creditors and which CRA's they pull from "by state".

Hope this helps. Hope I got it right? :shock::D

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