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Help! Judgment after debt verification???


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Otay, I recieved a letter from Capial Managment Services because Sherman Aquisition sold them my Best Buy account. I just got through getting Sherman's account removed from all 3 c.reports too. Anyway, I noticed that it says within 30 days of recieving the notice that I can dispute the validity and that they will obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgment and mail you a copy of such judgment or verfication...

Now I know I owe about $1100 that's mine, however the balance says $1790 which I'm sure is "interest". That's what I want verified. The account is 2 years old now.

Can they suddenly give me a judgment and throw me into court if they feel like it when I try to verify this? It's my last and only debt to take care of and I want to handle it right..!!!!

Thank You ahead of time :)


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Need to know what state you are in, - Best Buy is going to be an open account, if you look above to the link that says statute of limitations, then select your state - under open accounts you will see a number of years given.

This is the number of years, the creditor has from the time the account went delinquent to sue you in court and file a judgement.

They may still be in their rights, and prior to your DV letter, they may have not known your where abouts up until you sent that letter.

You have to becareful using debt validation when you are still in the SOL, cause they can take what ever actions they allowed to them, now they should still validate - and if they do accomplish this, the ball is back in your court to negotiate settlement.

There is a saying: let sleeping dogs sleep, for very good reason, if you had waited until the CA was out of the SOL, then did this - they would of only been able to bark & not bit.

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