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Inquiry codes

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I tried doing a search but can't find what I'm looking for.

Does anyone know the codes that are used by the big three regarding INQ?

I know that PRM stands for promotional (soft), but aside from that I'm clueless.



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You will find this key at the bottom of the inquiries at EQ. The others have explanations too I believe.


PRM - This is a promotional inquiry in which only your name and address were given to a credit grantor so you could be solicited you with an offer such as a credit card. (PRM inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)

AM or AR - These inquiries indicate a periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors (AM and AR inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)

EQUIFAX, ACIS or UPDATE - These inquiries indicate Equifax's activity in response to your contact with us for either a copy of your credit file or a request for research.

PRM, AM, AR, INQ, EQUIFAX, ACIS and UPDATE inquiries do not show on credit files that businesses receive, only on copies provided to you.

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