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Glad to hear that. Mine are coming off 4-5 at a time. I started with 13 and I am down to 5 now. I had my first few drop 2 weeks ago, then it took another week to get a few more to drop. Hoping just another week I should have all the TU inquires gone.

Good Job!

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WK(worthknowing) pulls TU and PG(Privacyguard) pulls both TU and EQ. Pulling these everyday will create soft pulls that will cause your hard inqu to roll off. I started 07/01 and have had my TU inquiries drop from 13 to 5. EQ takes longer, because only PG pulls EQ. You can also order EQ Credit Watch Gold for 9.99 a month and you can pull 1 every 24 hours and this will speed up your bumpage for EQ.

For WK you need to sign up, pull report, go to my account and delete the account. Then sign up again. You can usually pull this one 3-5 times a day. PG you go to Request new report and you can get one new report everyday.

It takes a lot of work but they will drop.

The only thing you can do for EX is call them ask for fraud department and tell them you did not authorize that inquiry and they put them in dispute and delete them. I haven't called EX that is what I have read.

Hope that gives you a start, but from experience mine are dropping.

P.S.- Which reports are your inquiries on?

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Thanks for the reply dc,

I have a RMCR. Does not say which reports they're on, however, I was told anything over 10 in one 12 month period is not good :( .

How can you change the account with WK without having multiple ss#?

I tried to delete my account but it came back to my original one :? In order to qualify for refinancing, I must update late pays, remove or correct inquiries, and delete paid judgement.

Right now, I'm kind of tired because it takes so much energy and you know if you haven't had to do the dv, cra, courthouse thing in a while it can be overwhelming :shock:

Thanks again for your input...I'll try in the morning :)

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