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New Here and I have a preplexing Question

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Hello All,

I posted this question under Credit Repair, but thought it be better answered here...

Been reading all day and all I can say is WOW what a smart group here. Glad to have stumbled on this in my search.

I just pulled my CR from TU and this is where I'm stumped....

Here goes:

I filed Chp 7 in Dec 2000 / discharged in March 2001. I just pulled my report and there is absolutely no mention of the BK at all. There is only an old account that was included in the BK, but it indicates a writeoff and not BK.

There is also information on my satisfactory accounts. One with Providian and the other with AmeriCredit showing "paying as agreed, never late" on both for a total of $21,651 of debt. This is where it stops!

How can this be??? They claim I have been on file since March 2003 when I know for a fact that, that is incorrect. On the last CR I received which was in February, it was still showing EVERYTHING, BK and all the loans I successfully paid off. Now, granted I got married 2 years ago, after I filed the BK and am now going by my married name, but of course my SSN is still the same. It makes it look like I'm just starting off. Any advice?

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It sounds like this could be a split file. What you need to do is call TU and tell them you think your file is mixed with someone elses. Give them only your current name and address and ssn. Deny any other names if you can. In hopes that they will delete all old personal info and that when the get the split file back together, you can dispute the bad accounts and have a better chance of them getting deleted.

If you are not worried about that part of it, just tell them its mixed and get them to fix it for you. This is going to take more than one try, I am still trying to get mine together and its been a couple of months now.

Did you pull your report a lot over the past few months? Did you have a lot of inqs and accounts on your older reports?

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I had the same issue where they said I had only been in their files since May of 2003, when I had actually been in their files since '96. Unlike Sis, I was able to get mine taken care of very easily. I just called TU and the rep was very nice. She took care of it right over the phone and I got my report about 5 days later intact!

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There are many different reasons for split files - don't have to be from too many soft pulls on the credit report.

1. Could be that you have a common name and another individuals file is mixed with yours causing the split.

2. Another way is if you are a son / father mixed - or husband / wife file mixed.

3. If you have a maiden name verses a married name the file can get split this way as well.

4. Is having too much information on the credit report that it has to split to accomidate all of the information contained.

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