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Getting burned out again


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I know what you mean. The closer I get, the harder it is.


If we let them get away with this, we are just part of the problem.

We are also doing this because:

1) We want favorable mortgage rates.

2) We want favorable interest rates.

3) We are tired of being "used".

4) We've paid enough interest.

5) We don't want to be looked down on.

6) We are not bad people.

7) Etc, etc, etc

I sent out 13 letters during CHOD. So far, only 1 deletion - and it was a duplicate of another on the same report.

TU sent me an "updated" report, but I don't see any changes.

EX wants me to "call them so they can better serve my needs". Yeah, right!

I've got a judgment (which I'm going to file an OSC to try and get vacated), a charged-off electric bill (will pay if need be to get the mortgage) and a phone bill that is in the validation process (they sent me copies of the phone calls made and nothing else).

Yes, it's depressing and disheartening at times, but we cannot let them win.

Take a breather if you must, but don't ever give up! I'm not!

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Iagree.. I'm continuing the fight because I am pissed off of having to pay higher interest rates for years because I didn't know that I could do something about the information Cra's put on the reports. Thank God for this site.....LOL

Hang in there ! We are all in the same boat :D

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