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which bureau?


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What has been any of your experiences with the 3 bureaus as to which one usually has the highest score, then the next and the last> I have the Experian Creditwatch which shows my husband with a score of 630, but I don't have access to the other two scores..just wondering if this would be the lowest or the highest of the 3 buruas scores in general? Thanks

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Question: You say Experian Creditwatch? Do you mean CreditExpert or did you mean Equifax Creditwatch?

Remember that FICO is only easily available on EQ and TU. Experian makes it virtually impossible to get a FICO based on their report unless a creditor pulls it. They just use their own scoring system. TU also has their infamous FAKO score that is arbitrary at best (yea yea, so is FICO).

Overall, I notice TU having the highest score for me, but I also notice they get pulled most often, even soft inquiries pile up on my TU report much more than EQ and EXP.

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The general feeling seems to be that the EQ FICO is the "most real".

I really can't say whose score carries the most weight as different reports are pulled in different parts of the country.

I haven't applied for credit in so long I'm not sure if I'd know how!

I'm in the last stages of getting all the derogs off my reports, so the FICO is more of a "barometer" of my efforts.

My CreditExpert is 740 with 4 paid/released tax liens and 1 collection on it.

My TU (on my last report) is 695 with 3 paid/released tax liens and 1 unpaid utility charge-off.

My EQ = NOT A CLUE! 1 unpaid judgment, 1 dismissed CH13 and 3 paid/released tax liens. I really should order it one of these days when I need a good laugh!

As soon as I get this @#$%&* judgment off EQ I'll be looking for a mortgage. It should be very interesting to see how the "scores" stack up.

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