Unsolicited Increased in credit card applications

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Is it me or has anyone else experienced an unusual amount of unsolicited credit card applications, mortgage refinancing, and loan apps now that you are working on improving your credit report?

"You're approved" credit cards are all over the place. Why now? Are they fortune tellers are something?

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I didn't vote you off the island! If I were you, I'd ask for procedural description on that one ;)

But to answer your question and make you feel more at home - no, I haven't noticed an increase.

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Thanks guys. It is always nice to feel loved :) You know sometimes it gets to you, the forums, threads, story after story of how everyone's life has been affected by this monster called credit.

Sometimes, it's a good thing to let off steam even if it's in a tame, quiet way. However, I can still fight back with the best of them.

Regarding the cards...citi platinum mastercard,annual fees...none APR 9.74; People's Credit First, 12-month 0% then 14.49% oh and a $45.00 processing fee or $49.00 Rush processing.

Most have come via e-mail, I usually trash them because I don't need another inquiry on my report.

Here's to you the members. Chin up!

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Goto: www.usps.com/postalinspectors and follow the prompts or call 1-877-987-3728 and get off e-mail SPAM lists, snail mail solicitors lists, and telemarketers lists for five years.


1-888-567-8688 -Opt-Out my credit reporting

1-800-407-1088 - Opt-Out Removed from all mailing and telemarketing lists




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