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:confused: I have been recently contacted by a company known as National Check Control. They are harrassing me to pay an outstanding amount for a bounced check collected by Telecheck. They would not give me any information and used scare tactics to try to get me to pay. I need to know if this company is legit. There is an article about this same company online.


under harrassment/threats

If you have any information, please help.



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Send a validation/Cease & desist letter Asap Certified mail return recipt. If you wrote a bad check they should send you a copy.

Here is a link for The Telecheck business

listing from the BBB website. Nothing is

preventing you from calling or writing them

for information/validation.

It sounds like a scam to me and whatever you

do don't panic and don't give them any information, if they don't validate they

can't do anything to you and don't talk to

them if they call, do everything in writing


Good Luck!

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