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I have used a popular anti-virus service since the early 1980’s and until sometime in the last couple of years have been satisfied with them. However, it seems like they changed and now their web site is nothing but ads to sell their many products with pop-up windows that pop up just as you click on some menu item. That means you have to wait until the ads appears or find the spot on the screen to close it, and so on. It is distracting to say the least. Then several times the updates would lock my PC up and so on, so I began to grow weary of their service.

That being said, not really on topic but relevant, they changed their billing practices to include automatic billing. I was not notified nor did I request this automatic billing so they charged my credit card account with the annual fee. I simply wrote to every e-mail address they listed on their site with the same threats – 'I will complain to the BBB, FTC, and so on until they refund the charge' blah, blah, blah. Since it is impossible to talk with a human being in their support or billing departments I thought this would work and it did. I received the same form letter from every address I wrote apologizing and with a promised refund.

It occurs to me that they use the wrong tactics with their customers these days and have lost me forever, and anyone else who I know. All they had to do was to notify me that my subscription was due and direct me to their renewal place as they did in the past. This method of isolating themselves from the public then the automatic billing is by design to catch people off guard with little or no recourse. Well, while I will not mention their name I will use Norton’s anti-virus software from now on.

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Forgot to post this. I threatened them and they promptly refunded my subscription. It is just a shame they have resorted to such tactics as automatic renewal without asking if I wanted it set up that way. Always in the past they would send a notice and at times a discount. I had that subscription from their start over twenty years ago, now they lost me as a customer with their silly tricks.

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