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Affidavit question


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In july of 2002, I sent certified mail to FRS to verify I owed the debt they were trying to collect from me. In return I got an affidavit stating what the balance is and who it orginated with. It also states: "to the best of affiant's knowledge, information and belief there are no unaccredited payments, just counterclaims or offsets against the said debt. The affiant state that the original documents in connection with the account set forth herein is not currently available".

I pulled this letter out of my files after going way back on this forum and reading some post. Is this something I can send to the CRA'S to clear this account? The way I am reading it is that they have no proof the debt is mine. This letter is dated july 5th, 2002. FRS has not contacted me since I sent the letter asking for proof last year but this is on my reports and I want to take care of it.

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