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Well I tried my first dispute a few days ago and Experian has replied back that it was verified. Now it shows i opened the account on 03-03. I think this account is a CA, but the OC still remains on my account. Any Suggestions?




EULESS, TX 76040


Account charged off. $765 written off. $935 past due as of 3-2003.

Status Details:

This account is scheduled to continue on record until 3-2009.

This item was verified on 4-2003 and remained unchanged.

Date Opened:




Reported Since:




Date of Status:


Monthly Payment:


Last Reported:




Credit Limit/Original Amount:


High Balance:


Recent Balance:

$935 as of 03/2003

Recent Payment:


Account History:

Charge Off as of 3-2003

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Yes that would be a problem. lol

They are going to make you go the hard way on this.

You can either continue disputing generic reasons & hope if gets deleted some time or another.

Or if it comes down to the line - like having a mortgage rely on this to show zero before getting new credit. You might have to show them the proof of the matter that this account has been paid.

Another way; would be to dispute with the company incorrectly reporting and get them on the ball to do something about it.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by creditmess

send them angry leter asking them to provide you with the Company name, Address,phone numbers and names of people who verified this information. Insist that this is NOT YOURS.

It worked for me.


How many times have you used this tactic? Tell me more....I sent out a procedural request letter to a CRA for my DH, I would like to know whats next


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I use it and it works..well about 80%.

What I do is I write my own letter, wording it differently than what Kristi has on her Sample letters.

My first tactic is to be nice. That comes with the first letter. Very polite, asking them kindly to investigate because poor me is trying so hard to have good credit but some bad bad bad people put some stuff on my little credit report that is not mine and I am very very very sad now......

They usually delete half of the stuff....I include about 7-9 items all at one in one letter.

Then, once they verify some of them, and I get my results back, I just go crazy like a mad man and fire them very very angry letter. The letter is basically combination of "Procedural Request" and "Intent to Sue" but not quite.... I also include FCRA paragraphs so they see that I know the law and know what they are suppose to do.

never had to do the 3rd letter yet.. lol and I hope I won't need to...

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