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will this letter work?


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Thank you all for replying to my previous posts, it is greatly appreciated. Let me start off by apologizing for the long message, I just want to make sure I am clear. I have a question regarding an account that I have that is showing up as a paid collection. This acct is for a past due bill with my cable provider. I paid the past due amt to the cable company, and the next day or so is when I received a letter from the CA. The only thing the letter said was

"This letter is to notify you that due to your severely overdue account with XXXX, which as of this date has not been paid, we hve reported your delinquent account to one or more CRA's. However, your immediate payment will also be reported to the CRA's." They never asked me if the debt was even mine or not.

My question is, do you think the letter below will be sufficient in getting them to remove the account?

To Whom It May Concern:

I received a copy of my credit report and have noticed that you are showing me as having a paid collection account with your company.

I have a copy of the only letter I received from your company which I have attached. You gave me no chance to validate this debt before reporting it to the credit bureaus. I have done some research into my rights regarding the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). I have the right to request validation of this debt. I am requesting proof that I am indeed the party you are asking to pay this debt and that there is some contractual obligation which is binding on me to pay this debt.

Please provide the following:

•Original Creditors name

•A copy of the agreement with your client that grants you the authority to collect on this alleged debt

•Name of Debtor

•Balance of Account

•Date you acquired this debt, and whether it was assigned or purchased

•Which credit bureaus have you reported this negative information to

•Copy of any insurance claims been made by any creditor regarding this account

•Copy of any judgments been obtained by any creditor regarding this account

Please respond within the 30 day deadline. If I do not receive the above information from you within the 30 days, I will assume that you have had this removed from my credit report(s).

Sorry to be so lenghty, but I do not want to mess this up. Should I send them a copy of the letter they sent me? Who gave them the ok to just report me?

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Have you disputed with the CRA? I would dispute this with the CRA as being paid with the OC before going to collections and see if you can't get that cleared from there. You have cancelled check to the OC paying it, so if they should request proof, you can send that.

The other note I would make is that they have to put the mini-miranda on the letter (section stating that you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt...etc.) This is in accordance with the FDCPA. If they did not do this, research the FDCPA above and I would send a letter to them stating that this amount was paid to the OC and that in their letter, they did not comply with FDCPA regulations re: validating a debt, etc. and tell them that in lieu of you taking legal action regarding this, you request that they remove their name from your credit reports immediately.

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