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I don't know how to explain this quickly, so I'll just sum it up as best as I can. I'm trying to get my credit in the best possible condition before I get pre-approved for a mortgage. I thought I had everything taken care of, but the creditor said I had an open account with Chrysler Financial. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I quickly got my credit report online for all three reporters (at 9$ each for 2 and for some reason TU is always free). I found that under one of the accounts, it states that an installment loan from '99 has a positive balance of 2500$. But it also says paid or paying as agreed, never late. This confused me, so I contacted Chrysler and they tell me the account is too old to give me info and that they are going to send me a letter with the details. About a week later I get a call from another department saying the account has been transferred to the delinquency department and that I would have to call them. So I call and the lady is very rude, saying I am overdue by 2500$ and that they tried to get a hold of me in '99. This is the first I heard of this. She said that the account was sent to an agency (Plaza Associates, found them online they are in NY) and that they have no further information and I would have to deal with them. Should I call them? Should I let it lie and wait till after the 7 years? It's really not showing as negative, it's the balance still owed that is giving me trouble. What is the standard thing to do in this situation?

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