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Is there a way to remove judgement?


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Here's my situation:

My son's father got significantly behind on his child support payments. I opted to see the city prosecutor and have his wages garnished. This in turn led to a period of retaliation.

Almost immediately after I saw the prosecutor, he had child protective services investigate me.

Soon after, he took me to small claims court for the maximum amount he could request. He sued me for a lot of old debts that would have been very difficult to verify (we had a joint bank account, but were never married).

I made what I thought was the best decision at the time. I accepted a judgement for a small percentage of what he requested and figured that would eliminate the need to take time away from work to argue the situation in court.

The judgement has been paid in full.

I am now attempting to get a mortgage loan. I did not even stop to think about the impact this judgement would have on me. To me it is ridiculous, but to lenders the situation is different.

Is there any way to get this removed from my credit report and/or get the judgement changed/dismissed? I am almost sure I could get the cooperation of my ex if necessary. Or is my only recourse at this point to add a statement to my credit report explaining the sitation, which (unfortunately) will not impact my FICO scores.

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Did you get a SATISFACTION OF JUDGEMENT when you paid the judgement?

Call the leander and ask if that is enought, it should be.

I heard there are ways to get a judgment off your report by disputing at at the courts, or requesting information from the courts and then disputing it with the CRA'S

Somebody made me an offer of $150 to get the judgements off my Credit report, and I haven't paid a dime on the judgement, I passed on it because I want to settle first.

Anyhow, I would look to get a SATIFACTION OF JUDGEMENT, call the lender that regected your loan and see what they say.

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