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7 year dispute???


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Okay, been here for a couple of weeks and tried many sites to view my credit and its all chineese algebra to me, every report is different and inconsistant, Im looking for a service that can provide me with "Accurate" info from all 3 CRA's.. Ive signed up for each of the 3 CRA's, tried WK and PG

Im just looking for one place to view updates of my credit report

Which one does anyone recommend?

Im looking at my PG reports, and I have about 6 items that were opend in Jan 95 & Feb of 1996, thats when the bottom fell out.

My question is,

Im damn sure it wasnt too long after that , that I defaulted, I havent made a payment since 1996.. Im 100% positive, should these 95 and early 96 accounts be deleted from my report being its been 7 years?

From PG, all I can get is an open date of 11/95, everything else is listed as N/A.. "Charge Off"

Do I have the right to inquire as to when the account were charged off and for the OC or CA to send me proof of my last payment?

so as to know when the 120 late started?, is this the starting point of the 7 years or is the charge off date the start?

Funny thing is, i have 1 acct that was opened in 96 and it shows a 120 late payment.. no charge off?? after 120 days of no payments do I have the right to begin my 7 years?

Im thinking about first saying "not mine" then come back with the "7 years" should be removed unless you can verify the last payment made

What would some of you do?

I sent my first letter to get the tough ones removed, didnt want to overload them with acct #'s, since these 4 were close to the 7 years, I figured I save them for last


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Well...the best thing that I can tell you is that if you pull your Experian online, they will give you the date that the item is due to drop off your report. You can use your order # to go back in there online for 90 days and can view your updated report. They are also very good about posting things in dispute. See what those dates are first and call their customer service if you have questions about it. They have been pretty easy for me to work with on getting that "magic number" of when the SOL clock starts.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by EddieTampa

Im thinking about first saying "not mine" then come back with the "7 years" should be removed unless you can verify the last payment made</blockquote>

Well, if you want them off your report, and they are over 7 years old...I wouldn't bother much with Not Mine. But, the one drawback to my opinion is that if they aren't more than 7 years, you wouldn't be able to respond with a "not mine."

So, if you can somehow verify with the original creditor that they charged off more than 7 years ago, I'd go ahead and go with "more than 7 years." otherwise, I'd go with not mine first.

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You can file a dispute with all three CRA's using "not mine" as a reason. If what you have right now is not showing you the DOLA, it will show when you receive the update from your disputes in the mail. At that time, any of those that remain can be disputed if it shows the seven year period has passed. All you would do is file another dispute pointing this out and to immediately remove. For those that were verified and are still within the seven years, you would redispute as to "amount owed", for example. If any show that they will fall off in a few months, leave them alone. I say this as some CA's who are aware the account is due to fall off in a few months won't respond to the first dispute anyway. The ones that do respond will just further aggravate you until it is time for them to fall off.

FYI,TU does not show a DOLA. The date you will use is the date marked as "placed". EX will show the removal date in the far right column

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