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Equifax Online Dispute


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I bought my 3 in 1 report thru Equifax. I did 2 disputes. For the past couple of weeks, when I go to the dispute section, it showed both disputes....with a start date of 4/28/03 and an estimated completion date of 5/28/03.

Now, it's only showing one of the disputes. I assume that means that the other has been investigated. Is there some way to check online (I can't get my report right now thru PG), or do I have to wait for the response via snail mail?

Also, I asked this question in another thread, and got no response. I had an account that charged off, and was paid off in Oct. 2001. According to EQ and EX, it was reported as 120 late every month from May 2002 thru Dec 2002. Everything after that reports "OK." Shouldn't it report as "OK" every month after the payoff? Or can they keep reporting it as late?

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