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<blockquote>Originally posted by Waxworks

I am guessing it might better to go in in person.........this way they can't say its friviolus, if you spent all night driving, with alka seltzers foaming out ya mouth:D


You should do this. But first, call Fox news or CNN and have them follow you in with hidden camera so we can all watch.

<blockquote>Originally posted by Waxworks

I got better luck asking J Lo for a date rather than getting an item deleted.


I think we are about the only 2 people she hasn't dated.

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Sent fax to all 3 CRA's 2 nights ago. PG shows CSC/Eqifax disputes. Called Experian today to see if they received dispute. Verified personal info, then in that dry, monotone, hate my job voice the rep starts

Rep: how can I help you sir?

Me: I wanted to verify if you received my dispute.

Rep: I don't see any accounts in dispute, when did you send it?

Me: I faxed it 2 days ago

Rep: Sir we don't have a fax

Me: a friend gave me a fax number for Experian

Rep: sir we don't have a fax

On the other hand, spoke to delightful young woman at TU who gave me 2 fax numbers. Seems number I found in search on this board was incorrect - 716-626-1795

TU fax 714-525-0166 and 610-546-4758

The 714 # went through right away.

Mailed experian dispute cmrrr. With holiday, it will be late next week before they get it.

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FYI from Experian email contact:

I am unable to accept investigation requests or research issues pertaining to a consumer's personal credit report.

If you feel there are items contained in your report that are inaccurate, please contact the consumer assistance office listed on your Experian credit report.

Please be specific when identifying the item(s) in question, as well as the nature of the dispute (i.e. "the account is not mine" or "status incorrect -and the correct status should be", "account is paid", "included in bankruptcy", etc.) In order for Experian to assist you better, please provide full identification information with your request (full name, current address, social security number, date of birth, spouse's name, and previous addresses within the past 5 years (up to 2, including zip codes). Experian will contact the reporting source of the information. Upon completion of this process, Experian will send the results of the investigation to you for review. The investigation process is completed within 30 days

If you do not have a recent (less than 90 days old) copy of your Experian credit report, it is in the best interest of each consumer to obtain a copy of his or her consumer disclosure and to carefully review it for inaccurate or incomplete information. We advise you to call 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742) to obtain a copy of your report. In some cases, you may order and view your Experian credit report on-line, please visit Additionally, you may also be able to begin an investigation yourself, online, once you obtain your personal credit report directly from Experian. Federal Law mandates that each consumer receives a notice of consumer rights, which is only provided with each personal consumer credit report. Once you receive it, we encourage you to thoroughly read the report. Our consumer credit reports serve as credit tools to clearly explain each item of information contained in your report. If the report contains information that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete, then please call the telephone number displayed on your report. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you, and we will immediately investigate the information you question. In some areas, the number on your report may direct you to your local credit bureau for assistance.

If you have documentation you need to mail to Experian, the address to our National Consumer Assistance Center is Experian, P. O. Box 9595, Allen, TX 75013.


Carrie Higginbotham


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