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no green card update


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if u remember from a week ago i posted that the pOST OFFICE said my green card to experian fell off before it reached them..so of course i have NO PROOF OF WHEN THEY GOT IT>>>>> i do however have the certified mail receipt which is stamped that it was sent on the seventeeth>> i was curious why that tracking number isnt coming up and they said "someone didnt do there job by entering the tracking number">>so of course they offered me my refund since crrr failed to work and they deeply apologized for the inconvenience>>iwas like "u have no idea">>>>>>>>anyhow just curious if when i do fax my thirty days up letter< if i should sent a copy of my certified receipt stamped w the date it was mailed>>>is that better then nothing??? ANY ADVICE would be much appreciated......

by the way sorry for the CAPS>>MY KEYBOARD IS ROYALLY MESSED UP>>>LOL

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