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Ok, I don't know how the rest of you are getting these things off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ones I am trying to dispute are really not mine. I called TU, "we don't have to investigate inq's, call the company". Called number they gave me, you have to have an account (cap 1) to get through the number TU gave me!!!!! Sears address is not showing anywhere, and I am not going to waste 5.00 for it to come back to me. Experian tells me to report the ones doing hard inq's to FTC and Atty Gen (their address listed was re-routed CRRM to a different address for cap1. I did at least get equifax to dispute the inq's. I don't know how anyone is getting anywhere with these. I have called TU & EXP a few times now and get no where with them. Can anyone help me with this????????????

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I had the exact same problem with CapOne.

Call them and try to get a hold of a rep (press 0 a bunch of times, eventually you'll be connected) and explain your situation.

They told me that they infact did not have permission, I did not have an account, nor did I ever apply for credit with them.

I simply asked them to please forward me a letter saying just that, so I could make copies and send it to the CRAs.

That was a week or two ago, and I havent got anything yet.

As for TU, send them an ITS letter stating that the inquiries are not yours and you have contacted to source and again being redirected back to TU. Be firm, and demand deletion.

Ive got 3 off TU this way, although I havent seen it on paper yet, thats just what the rep told me when I called to check. :D

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I had great success with TU by faxing a letter everyday to delete inq's. Its just a matter of luck as to who picks up the phone/fax/letter. I have goten 2 letters from TU on the same day, 1said "we dont investigate inq's" and the other said "we have deleted the following items" and listed 13 inq's.

Hit or miss, fax them every single day.

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It is inq's only. I do have three current co's with Prov, CrossCnty & OrchBKs, so I have not disputed things like that. Though Sears was in my bk in 98, they argue that sears can still pull my report (TU Argues). I say thats bs, the account was closed the day I was discharged!!! TU pretty much told me to take a hike. The inq's are making me sick to see, I know I didn't apply for any credit, actually not since like oct of 2002. Then I got a hard inq on a dipute I did that said inc in bk, and charge off. I reaffirmed and paid the loan in full. EXP says they have a right to pull my report during disputes, that they are still my creditor, even though its been paid since April of 99. I should have about 6 months with no inq's on my report. Cap, Sears and my cu are making it so I have about 4 inqs for the last six months.

And how come Equifax does inq disputes but the other two say its not a law that they have to follow???????? EXP told me to report the company's doing the inqs to bbb & atty gen!!!!!!!!!! Talk about passing your job onto someone else.

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CSC/Equifax rocks. They have removed every inquiry I have asked them to remove.

The most productive way I am getting inquiries removed is by contacting the creditor directly.

That is a big hassle and big pain in the [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

But you have to find the right person of the right department to talk to. And be prepared to get bounced around lots of times but it is important to find the right person to talk to.

In fact, even ask them that directly, are you the right person or the right department of who or whom I need to talk to about an inquiry on my credit report that never had my permission and my consent.

Also, if you are courteous and polite, that will go a long way with a customer service rep. There are plenty of posts here in which people cop an attitude to the customer service reps but I suggest that you be polite and courteous. Save that for the last resort.

I have found this method amazing probably because a polite and courteous person is the first guy a customer service has spoken to out of all the ding dongs that isn't copping an attitude.

But also be firm. Like, I don't have an account with your company and I never gave permission or my consent to this inquiry into my credit report.

But most important of all, give them a fig leaf.

Gee, this sounds like some kind of data entry error, like somebody must have typed in the wrong digit and then pulled up my credit report instead.

In fact, I used that today. The customer service pulled up somebody that did open up a new account close to the date of the inquiry and he had my first name. Then I said, "Gee, looks like it probably is like a typo, somebody did type in a wrong digit or digits and my credit report got pulled up instead. I bet that happens all the time".

This polite (and sneaky) method demonstrated that I was not out there to prove that they were the bad guy or that I wanted to make the customer service rep miserable, but that I wanted to show that there was a possibility of a mistake.

And this after, I was given an address and told exactly what to write when I send a letter to that address.

There are other methods to take if this doesn't work but I have found lots of cooperative people when I was courteous and polite.

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