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What is this from TU?


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I just received a new TU report in the mail today, and I am confused about what I see, or rather yet, by what I don't see: Anything!!!

All I have is a 2 page report. The basic: what some creditors might view as adverse, etc etc. Only 4 tradelines listed!! Out of the four they list, Nissan and Sears have a new closed date for the 4th time. They keep reaging these 2 in perticular!

turn my report over and it is just the special message and initiate an investigation block.

There are NO positive tradelines or inquiries listed!!

My old TU reports are about 7 or 8 pages and says that I have been in their files since 9/94. Todays report says 4/03. My old report and new report have the same file number.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I have not been disputing excesively through them! What gives??

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