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Little Help Please (Capital One)


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I've got a quick question regarding Capital One.

Long story short:

I fell into the whole credit card thing in college a couple years ago.

I didn't handle it too well.

But, I decided to make arrangements with them and get my only debt taken care of.

The way it was set up,I'd pay a fourth of it for four months.

I set up a checking account and authorized them for direct payment through it.

Well, they took my money for the first few months (1/2 gone). Just yesterday, I received a letter from a bill collector. They received a post-dated check (which I didn't write) and are applying it to my balance (which is only $20 dollars less than the original Capital One balance).

Does anybody have any ideas as to what I should do?

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I'm in Michigan. The last payment to Capital One was the 20th of last month. I know they received the money because I don't right any checks with the account (It was just for capital one and the deductions appear on my bank statement). Until I received the letter, I knew nothing of a collection agency.

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