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What is the next step?


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After reading all the information here, I've disputed all the negative items on all three of the credit reports. I've had most of them removed (TU 2/4 EX 6/8 Equifax 2/4). Ironically the 2 remaining on Experion are really not mine and these are the ones they verified :). The two on TU are the same as the ones on Equifax. One is for a car loan in 97 that was closed after the car was totaled. The insurance paid it off. I thought everything was ok as it showed a 0 balance with a few lates. For the heck of it I disputed the lates and they were removed (Yay!). Unfortunately, it was also updated with an outstanding balance of 2200$. Yuck. What should be my next step with this account? I called the company (Chrysler Financial) and they said they have information, but that it was sold to a collection agency and that I would have to talk to them to get it (Plaza Associates). They have never contacted me, but the OC states that the account was transferred back in 99. What should I do?

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