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Wanna hear of a really weird scam?


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About six months ago I got a collections letter (which looked suspiciously like many other collections letters I recieved) which supposedly was for a Capital One credit line. Well, if the initial bell hadn't rung, I would have had no clue.

ya see, This letter was addressed in the same type of letter some of my SEARS collection letters had been addressed in--Plus bearing several (but not all) numbers of my delinquent SEARS account) I generally ignored sears,(coming from a PO box in Atlanta) letters because I knew they would drop in Feb of this year. well, just before the Sears drop off date (SOL) I get this letter (looking JUST like, and bearing the same return addy/almost account number as SEARS) supposedly collecting from CapOne. (I have NEVER had a CAPONE account, but I *am* savvy enough to recognize stall tactics, (in whatever from they may come)As a result, I applied for credit (knowing it would mean an inquiry, but so what, these are disputed at a dime) and checked my resulting free credit report. NOTHING re Cap One. As I suspected, someone was trying to get me to make contact with them. NO ****, their SOL was about to run out.

Just take this FWIW. Credit collection agencies will do ANYTHING to make a buck, even at the end of seven years. This SEARS CCA attempted to get me to just make contact with them. I only wish I could write them and say, "BYTE ME."

Never underestimate CCA's

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