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NCO and First Union


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Ok, guys.. can definitely use some guidance here...

I once had a couple First Union (now Wachovia) accounts. I for savings and then I had two checking accounts. After some considerable frustration, I called them up and closed the accounts. They had zero balances on them at that time. They seemingly closed two of the three, but continued to charge fees on the last one. So, for two months, they charged me a $6 internet fee and a $5.95 service charge. Then the proceeded to charge me with a $30.00 charge off fee...

So, they send me a bill for $53.90.. I say I'm not going to pay it because I closed the accounts and there is no reason why they continued to charge the fees.

They subsequently sent my account over to NCO. NCO is the most disrespectul people I've ever dealt with.

Figuring that I want to get a house later this year, I tell the person that if they sent me something in writing that states that if I pay the item now..that it won't hit my credit report. She says that since it's not on the report, that if I paid it, it wouldn't go on... so I said that I didn't think that was true because they could always add it on later...Nonetheless, she continued to refuse to send anything. She then made some comments that were blatant lies because she stated that I agreed to pay the item. I only stated that I would do so with a written guarantee.

She then basically got fed up with me and said "Fine, now I'm going to put it on your report and then we'll see." I immediately ask to speak to her supervisor and she says he is busy and hang the phone up.

So here's my issue - 1) I don't think I owe this money even though I was willing to pay upon a written promise of it not hitting my credit.

2) Am I correct in thinking that if I pay it, that it could end up on my report at a later time anyway as a paid collection. Or by paying it before it shows up on the report, does that mean othwerwise.

Should I go back to FU and see about resolving with them.

Is there any way at this point, I can get NCO out of the process so they can't mess up my credit.

Thanks guys.


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From dealing with NCO in the past I paid them off when they sent me a letter saying they had the debt and wanted to settle. Once I paid it they never put the collection on my credit report. Not knowing what I know now. I would probably get it in writing that they won't include it on your credit report. Try speaking to a manager and you may have to speak to more then one. NCO are stupid bast*rds. My advice is just be persistent. Also you may want to start a written trail with them. Sometimes written documentation is seen stronger. Good Luck

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