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Newbie-Please Help!!


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Hola, I’m a new to the community and would like to say that this site totally rocks, it’s extremely informative. Here I thought that I was the only one with this type of problem (cleaning ur credit)

Please forgive me if I ask too many questions but, it would be great if some one would be nice enough to point me to the right direction on where to start.

I currently have three charge offs and the DLAs are 6/96, 7/96 and 5/97.

And seven collections, DLAS are 5/96, 6/96, 8/96, 7/99, 10/00, 11/01 and 3/02.

Since the amount is small, I was thinking of paying off four of the collections, from 7/99-3/02.

I’ve read on some of your posts not to pay on collections, just to wait it out.

1st ?- Where do I start?

2nd ?- Will I be doing any harm (to my credit) by paying off the mentioned collections and how?

3rd ?- If I pay off the collections, what do I request from the ca?

4th ?- How do I increase my credit score? Right now as it stands, EQ-595, TU-589 & XP-614.

Thank you for your replies/suggestions and taking the time to read my post.

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