What the heck DUDE!!

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And YES! I DO have the "Complete Bartenders Guide" with every drink you can imagine!!!

My friend got it for me for my B-day, she knows I cant find a drink I like!

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Sounds good, but I dont like anything peach :( have NO idea how PICKY I AM!! :eek:

First off, I REFUSE to eat leftovers! DH always has to eat them!

If something has been opened such as sour cream or a bag of chips, and its been in my cupboard or fridge for more than 2 days...I'll toss it and buy a new one!! Dont ask why!

When I eat a burger..nothin but mayo and ketchup, no lettuce, no tomato, no nothin!

Tacos...nothin but sour cream and cheese!

DH HATES THIS...but he married me anyways!

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but wait...theres more....

no olives, no mushrooms, no beans (any kind), no nuts, no veggies (cept for a salad).

No meat if its been in the fridge for more than a few days! Absoluteley WILL not eat it if its from the freezer!!

I could go on and on...... but I wont! :)

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<blockquote>Originally posted by lisak72

WOW! Probably easier to just list the few things you will eat! :upsidown:


Sorry :( I dont remember how the heck it started...I just got a little carried away!

I'll stop I promise!

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