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After reading the posts and getting help from the group, I started my repair on 5/1/03 with disputes to the 3 CRA's. My score on 5/1/03 was 571. I got my final results today, and thanks to everyone I hit a friggin homerun.

Transunion-$6400 profit and loss charge off from 2001 deleted

-30 day late notation from chase deleted

-30 day late notation from JC Penny deleted

-collection account deleted

-closed at creditors request changed

-Two hard Inq's deleted

Equifax----30 day late notation deleted

-5 hard Inq's

Experian---3 ATT phone card accounts deleted along with the

3 hard Inq's for the accounts (signed up for these

at an airshow for a free t-shirt, didnt know this

stuff went on your credit report)

-2 30 day late notations deleted

I had not seen a copy of my credit report in about 7 years, what a mistake, also kept hearing that there was nothing you could do on your own, another mistake listening to the know-it-alls.

FICO SCORE 5/30/03-676

Have just a few little things left to clean up, writing the letters now. Just wanted to let you guys know you are really helping people with something most of them think is hopeless.

I need to have good credit,I see posts about all the kids you

have, well I have 4 Daughters, 19,18,16, and a 5 year old, I probably need to have a score of 800 to pay for the weddings.

Thanks Again

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