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Capital One?


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I've been wondering that, too. Is it better to close out the Capital One accounts, even if the balance is at Zero and the HC was up there? Too bad, I've always been pleased with my Capital One accounts, with the exception of a K-Mart card that had horrible fees (which I did close after realizing the extent of their fees)

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Sis -

If, I may expand your reply.

You have a Credit Limit of $1000.00 but of course Cap 1 does not report this.

Run your balance w/ Cap 1 to approximately 1k, then pay down the balance (and keep it down) this will show highest amount owed verusus current balance.

Love ya sis, have a good one.


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What I did was get a cash advance and put the money in the bank,

3 days letter got on the NET and paid electronically, there is no fee for doing that.

I made sure all of the above happened 3 days before the end of my billing cycle.

My score went up 25pts as soon as it posted, but I'm still 30pts shy of prior to getting my CAPITOL ONE card.

There seems to be some talk that if you hold the balance high for a whole cycle it will post fully?????

There are some other sites that get more into this, I don't have time to read about now, but frankly I'm feed up Cap1.

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Ah, Cap One...

I have to be thankful since they gave me a partially secured card when I couldn't get an unsecured one.

Though they have some serious negatives about 'em.

I found out they don't list the credit card limit on CRA reports...

Then a couple months ago I went over my limit by less than two dollars...no big deal to me, it was an accident and the payments are always ontime and more than the minimum. Thought nothing more of it.

I called them up last week because I've had the card for a year and wanted to get a limit increase...I WAS TOLD NO! Why?

Because of the one over limit month! :eek:

I started laughing at the lady who told me that. "You've got to be kidding me." And laughed again. "I was approved last week, for credit cards that are unsecured and total nearly $6k. And you won't increase my limit?"

She told me you exceeded your limit on that month.

I told her, I will finish paying off the balance on my card and close this account.

I will be glad when I have this account listed as closed with paid as agreed.

[Edit by SeasilverLiquid on Sunday, June 1, 2003 @ 11:52 AM]

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Good job,

I bet, they are going to be begging you to come back, I hope you give them the "well, you know what".

I think that "higher quaility" CREDIT CARD co's will view you as a better potential client and more credit savvy by cancelling CAP-ONE.

Let us know what they do after you cancell , if they offer to fix you neg with a limit increase, then stay for a few months, zero balance and close them. Get out while the "getting is good".

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