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eq score through there site


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just some back ground...i am tying to get my score on EQ over 700. currently at 696.

just signed up for the one month trial at EQ. pulled my score and its still 696. i am disputing my one and only late pay. their simulator says if i pay all my bills on time this month, my score shoulc be 716? can this be true.

also, is my score at 696 because the late is being disputed?

any suggestions?


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Do you have any inquiries? These are super easy to get off EQ and it could raise your score a bit!

If you have any inq. simply call up EQ and say they were unauthorized, they will put them under investigation and they should drop off!

And yes, your score could be at 696 because of you disputing that one item. Who is the OC? If all you have is some late pays, you might want to try a goodwill letter. :p

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the creditor is NELNET. a student loan company.

good will letter........i have written countless letters to both nelnet and EQ.

when i pulled the info from the EQ site, i did see 2 inquiries from PG. however, i have pulled PG probable 20+ times.

why didnt EQ show all of them?


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Well, the inq from PG should only be listed as soft inq. I know some of us were having a problem with this before.

As for getting your lates off. If you disputed them with the CRAs as *never late* and it works out for you, GOOD! :D You just have to be careful because sometimes the CRAs end up deleting the entire account instead, and Im sure that wouldnt do your scores any justice!

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here is a sample from my recent inquiries

06/01/2003 ID-I Place, Inc,

06/01/2003 ID-Equifax Consumer Services, Inc

06/01/2003 CD-Consumerinfo.Com

06/01/2003 Equifax Consumer Services

06/01/2003 Equifax Consumer Services

05/29/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/28/2003 Equifax - Update

05/25/2003 ID-I Place, Inc,

05/25/2003 Consumerinfo.Com

05/22/2003 Equifax - Update

05/22/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/21/2003 Equifax - Update

05/21/2003 Equifax - Update

05/21/2003 AR-MBNA

05/21/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/20/2003 Equifax - Update

05/20/2003 PRM-First Union Home Equity

05/20/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/19/2003 Equifax - Update

05/19/2003 PRM-CS&SS Disaster Recovery

05/19/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/15/2003 Equifax - Update

05/15/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/13/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

05/12/2003 Equifax - Update

05/08/2003 PRM-First USA Bank

05/07/2003 Equifax - Update

05/07/2003 Equifax-Auto MTNC Update

are those i am doing going to be soft or hard hits. according to EQ's menu, only those with certain abbrevations are soft? is that correct?

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<blockquote>Originally posted by cjs111

one last ?...

when i send a physical letter or email to EQ, dont they have to pull my file and does that create a soft hit?



No it wont show up as a hard inq. Your good to go! :p

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Those are for the most part all soft inquiries so they are basically neutral.

Based on what your stated goal is, I think youre taking a much harder route to get there. Disputing and good will letters take alot of time and patience.

Get the hard inquries off, pay down your balances, and/or get someone to authorize you on an aged credit account with good ratios in that order. Should get you at least four points or more on an EQ FICO in about 1-2 reporting cycles.

Avoid score lowering behavior like opening new accounts, taking new inquiries or charging up your cards.

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NONE of those inquiries are hards, they're all softs. Anything from Equifax is a soft, AR are account reviews which are softs, PRM are promotional inquiries - name address only they're softs, ID and CD are identification and consumer disclosure. They're all softs ! Don't waste your time on them.

If you have a late TL which is like23 or 24 months old, that could be why 1 month of on time payments will boost your score so much. There is a big reduction in penalty after a late goes past 24 months old.

I would pay more attention to disputing the late. If it's near the 24 month mark, it probably will soon cease to be a scoring issue.

Since you saide the above inqs are a sampling, my comments only apply to what you show.

People had problems with PG hards appearing on their TUs back arounf the 5/4 - 5/6/03 range. A rare few reported PG hards on EQ but, IMHO, I think they were mistaking softs for hards. You could call EQ and ask about the consumerinfo.com inquiries whether they're hard or not. If they are, as Morrow can probably tell you, you may be able to just get EQ to delete them over the phone.

Good Luck !

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