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When disputing using the not mine approach should I first get all my old addresses removed or does it matter. I've been reading this site from start to finish starting with the repair tips and I'm about crossed eyed from reading all the info. I'm sending out letters tommorow trying to get them out for the CHOD of 4ht of July. Sorry if this is an repeat question any help would be great thanks

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Yes, that is exactly what you want to do, and you can do that verbally, you don't have to mail that in.

I would get 3 manila folders for each CRA and start getting rid of old names and old address.

If they ask you "do you know anybody at this address", say "I'm not aware of it" even if it an old adddress or you mom's.

Tell them you been living at your present address for 7 yrs.

Remove old names too!!!!

Tell them you never use those names.

Once you got off all that you can then do the old, "Its not mine",

If you have any problems removing names get back over here, don't dispute anything until you have all the names and addresses off.

I hope that helps.

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