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Duplicate accounts on CR


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Depends on if this account is open at this time or closed.

Depends on what type of account this is - and how many of similar accounts you already have open of the same type.

Post is fine, take a look and see. I work better when all the possible details are added like:

Open Date

High Credit / Limit




Last Activity Date

Any special notes added by the creditor.

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My credit union has had all sorts of problems getting a credit history to show up properly on their members credit reports. For me, they have a duplicate of a loan that I paid off and that I was never late on.

It is not Hell NO! It is HELL [EXPLETIVE DELETED] NO that I am going to get that duplicate removed.

Having an extra tradeline of a positive unsecured installment loan is like gold!

I am leaving that baby on there.

And don't forget that a FICO score is a statistical analysis from a mathematical model. It needs numbers to number crunch. The more positive numbers, the better off you are...

- - -

BUTTHEAD: Like, um, uhh, I got something against numbers...

BEAVIS: Yeah...yeah... like, there is too many of them...

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Most cases dupes are nice to have, unless one is still showing open with a balance, then that can go against you being able to get a loan once they start figuring debt to income ratio - they will count the open one, no matter the fact of the matter.

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