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RJM acq LLC validation responce?? HELP


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I received this from RJM acq LLC, is this proper validation??

original creditor: fingerhut/axsys national bank


rjm file #: XXXXXXXXX

we are your new creditor

please be advised that rjm acq llc has purchased the above referenced acct. all payments or questions about this acct should be directed to us in

writing using the postage paid return envelope provided and/or by calling us at the telephone numbers provided above.

the following is infomation was provided to us by the original creditor and/or is maintained in our records.

name of original creditor: fingerhut/axsys national bank

date acct opened: May 5, 1995

ss#: ***-**-****

last paymt date: May 26, 1999

if any of the above info is not accurate, please contact us w/corrections.

the balance due on this accT is $2,581.28

rjm is not a collection agency

What do I do now? How did they get my ssn? experian has verified and refuses to investigate. please help as this is the only bad mark on my credit report. Sent first DV letter about three weeks ago.



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Ahhh however- George gets credit for posting this question in the right forum "While in debt validation" where it belongs. I know a lot of members posts everything in this one because it's "busy" but it really makes it hard for newbies coming here to search for information when the relevant issues are located in another folder. If people did post in those other folders, those would be "busy" too and most of us here do look at all forums....

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