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Depends on what you mean by best.

Cheapest short term is Privacyguard.com. $1 for 3 months, lets you see on 3 reports. Not good for disputes as it doesn't list addy's, but good just to keep an eye on what is going on.

Worthknowing.com gives you a free report, pulled from TU.

The best for getting the full monty of data is a pulled report directly from each of the CRA's. If you want to monitor long-term, each of the CRA's offer a monitoring service now. Equifax Credit watch, great service, pricey at like 80$ a year. 1 report per day. Experian, 70$ I think, unlimited pulls through the year. Both of these will send you emails if changes happen to your file. TU uses a 3rd party company for monitoring that lets you pull once a quarter.

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