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INQ for Equifax (attn morrow :)


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well like morrow suggested i applied for the target guest card online. got apporved (WOW) and then called EQ 2 have the inq removed the very next day. while i was on the phone i requested the removal of another inq from dollar rent a car. checked online and stated that the investigation would be over June 6th. called today and they confirmed that both Target and $rent a car were removed! how funny that Target got removed before the account hit my reports. god i love this board!

:D :D :D :D :);):p;):):(;):p

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well i dont think so. i had disputes outstanding but via the phone they remove the inq. i called on the 4th and they showed the expected ending date was teh 6th of june. so they don't really care 2 much about inq's really. if u don't have an account that matches the inq they just remove it. my experience anyway.

good luck!

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OK, this is going to be my one general disclaimer and then you guys can do what you want.


In the past three days, I've seen

*1 person get a hawk alert put on her reports, the original CRA who decided she needed it contacted the other two so that it's on all three.

* 1 person who is due to close on her house on FRIDAY may not be able to do so because her mortgage broker can't pull her EXP report due to a fraud notation (and it has been propogated to the other two by EXP) placed there as a result of disputing inquiries. She can't get her own reports, either. EQ and EXP both say it will take at least 72 hours for the report to be updated without the fraud alert. You do the math.

* 1 person who is due to close on his house in two weeks, whose broker can't access his reports for the same reason. Also can't get to his own reports.

The CRA's are fighting back on this one, guys. Is it fair? Of course not. Do we have the right to dispute the inquiries on our reports? Absolutely. Should we be entitled to do so without these repercussions? You bet. But the fact remains, at the present time, the CRA's are playing hardball and you may find yourself locked out from your reports altogether or a permanent fixture in the CRA's fraud department - both of which will make it more difficult to achieve your goal of getting your reports sparkly clean.

Additionally, if you have been approved for an account, for God's sake, don't call and dispute the inquiry before they give you the card. Do you know what happens if, by some remote chance, the CRA's actually investigate that inquiry? You're going to have a hard time convincing the card issuer to mail out that shiny new card because now they're going to think that it was obtained fraudulently. I've seen it happen. I've seen approvals be revoked because of an inquiry dispute. For those of you for whom approvals don't come easy, don't jeopardize your new card and new tradeline just for the sake of getting rid of an inquiry. Unless you have like 20 inquiries on your reports, inquiries should be the last thing you worry about in your quest for credit repair. I know it's hard to resist the lure, because they're seemingly so easy to get off these days, but the price you pay can be too high.

Off my soapbox now.


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<blockquote>Originally posted by techgoddess

Thanks Cookie. You are very wise, indeed. (Unfortunately for me, I DO have twenty inquiries)


IMO, you should still leave the inquiries as the last thing you try to do in your credit repair journey. But, that's just my take on the situation.

I'm not saying don't try to go for bumpage (although that has its own inherent risks, such as a split file but that's not something that the CRA's will do out of spite) to get rid of the inquiries, I'm just saying I personally wouldn't focus on them until they're the only things left bringing your score down.

Again, JMO.


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